What I've been watching, reading, and listening to in May 2017

A monthly curation of TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, and books handpicked by yours truly



Please Like Me is an adorable show based in Australia about Josh and his life (which mostly revolves around his friends, family, lovers, and his dog.) Normally I possess a disdain for TV shows that are about a bunch of friends (except for Seinfeld and Girls) but Please Like Me presents a sincere, relatable, real, and humorous take on what its like to be a twenty something right now. Beyond the plot itself, over the seasons I grew into each of the characters, especially the parents. The show can be streamed on Netflix in India.   

music & podcasts


I don't listen to much of pop or commercial music and I don't even know if their latest album qualifies as a pop record but "After Laughter" by Paramore has been on repeat this month on my iPhone. The album has a strong 80s pop rock vibe to it with big hooks that will have you singing along (listen to Hard Times, Rose Colored Boy, Forgiveness, and Fake Happy.) What almost goes unnoticed is the lyrical solidity of the album, that takes the listener through facing adversity, loss, hurt, forgiveness, the feeling of putting on a front of happiness, despite being sad and hurt, and hope (my favorite song on the entire album is 26.) 


I've also been hooked to the award wining podcast 'Lore' hosted by Aaron Mahnke. Aaron is a great storyteller, who uses his talent for telling stories to narrate unsettling accounts from the past, about witches, about odd co-incidences, about ghosts, about murders, and more, that will leave you with goosebumps and a genuine sense of fear.  

Both the album and the podcast can be accessed on Apple devices on the Apple Music and Podcast apps. 


One of my childhood friends left me a fascinating non-fiction by Daniel Coyle called The Talent Code. The book presents a careful and factual argument for why talent isn't something we're born with, but something that we can work on over the course of our life. Perhaps the biggest revelation for me that came through the book, was the fact that if talent can be cultivated or rather is, then, I must devote more time to things I have already spent a lot of time on, rather than focusing on new things. Which means, more writing and more music.