One O Eight Cafe & Yoga Room: Cappuccino and Triple Nutty Banana

I discovered One O Eight Cafe & Yoga Room a couple of months back, totally by chance. I was a bit early for my haircut in the salon next door (H20) and found myself intrigued by the place, enough to go in for a quick cuppa. Since that day, I have been to One O Eight at-least a couple of times every week. There’s a few reasons for this – it’s on my way to workit has a very chilled out and peaceful environment, but the main reason is that they serve what I feel is the best cup of coffee in town.

I love all of their hot coffee’s, but my favorite has to be their cappuccino (Rs.150). The proportions are just right for my liking, the espresso shot isn’t too strong, I haven’t once received an overly milky cappuccino, and the thickness of the foam is just perfect. They exclusively use organic milk, as well as organic coffee beans sourced from Blue Tokai  , heating it every time to a certain temperature which is not as hot as what some palates may be familiar with, giving it that perfect ‘to drink now’ temperature and adding support to the flavour of the coffee. The staff pay extra attention on ensuring that they maintain the correct temperature, carefully watching the shot pour to ensure there is no variation in temperature that could adversely impact the grind.

But getting it right just the one time isn’t good enough, and what impressed me about One O Eight is the fact that the folks running the place have managed to stay consistent. Consistency is a very critical expectation I have from places that serve coffee, and the few dozen times I’ve been to One O Eight in the past couple of months, I’ve not been let down a single time when I’ve ordered their cappuccino. They attribute this consistency in their coffee to the use of quality ingredients and the training provided to the staff and baristas. Before anyone qualifies to serve a customer, they serve internally, until they’ve gotten it down.

Besides serving great coffee, I think that the people running One O Eight have created a very peaceful and relaxed environment, which in my opinion definitely accentuates the overall experience. The place is hidden away from the chaos of North Main Road, with barely any traffic passing by. The interiors have an obvious personal touch, unlike so many of these coffee shops that are built around concepts that some designer suggests. There have been mornings that I’ve visited the place and have felt completely absorbed by the warmth, heart, and soul that it radiates (the fact that Jack Johnson plays softly in the background only makes it all better).

If you want something to eat along with that cappuccino, I highly recommend the Tripple Nutty Banana (Rs.180), which is a fairly large and filling sandwich made using toasted nachni bread, pan-fried bananas, nutella, and organic honey. I’ve had this sandwich with both the regular bread and the nachni bread, and I personally think that the nachni bread really finishes up the dish in terms of adding crispness and texture. I also appreciated the fact that the focus on this dish wasn’t on nutella but rather the other ingredients. Way to often I’ve come across a nutella based dish, which is a nutella overload, where you can barely taste the other ingredients.

Address: Precious Gem Apartment, Lane Number 6, Meera Nagar, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Phone: 090118 04770