Largo Pizzeria

For a couple of weeks now, I've been meaning to go check out Largo - a pizza shop that has opened up in Viman Nagar, that serves pizza by the slice. It's a little ironic that I couldn't visit them sooner, considering the fact that it is literally a 5 minute walk from where I live. I finally ended up getting the time to go visit the place, during the long "Republic Day" weekend.

The eatery is open only during the evenings (5pm-11pm), and the best time to go there if you want a slice is between 5pm-8pm. They currently have a limited menu comprising 5 vegetarian pizzas and 5 non-vegetarian pizzas. When ordering by the slice, their pizzas cost Rs. 40 for the veg variants, and Rs 60 for the non-veg variants. Their regular pizzas come in 3 sizes - 16", 18", and 20" and they start at Rs 380 (for the 16".)

This is not the kind of place you’d wanna go to if you’re hungry and randomly feel like eating a pizza. You probably want to plan your visit to Largo in advance and maybe even give your order over the phone. The place is currently run by the owners and owing to the rather phenomenal response it is getting, you would most definitely not get your pizza “quick”.

It’s also not a place you’d want to dine in, the owners intended it to be more of a take-away joint, but since most people enjoy their pizzas hot off the oven, they have a few chairs and stools (originally intended to be used by customers waiting to pick up their orders). They are planning a dine-in format, which should come up soon, but this will be at a different location, with the current location being “take-away focused”. I would recommend placing an order and then picking it up.

Owing to the long wait, my expectations from the pizza had sky-rocketed. Luckily, the pizza was amazing. We ordered the smallest size on their menu (16inch), but its still the largest pizza that I’ve ever eaten. Despite the obvious inclination the eatery has towards ‘big and large’, I was relieved to see them practice restraint when it came to the thickness of the base, as well as the proportion of cheese and toppings. For an eatery built around value for money, it would be easy for Largo to give in to the temptation of serving ridiculously over the top pizzas. It was great to see them not take that path – the pizza was thin, light, crisp, with delicately appropriate proportions of chicken and cheese. The balance was spot on and could compete head on with the pizzas at Olives or Terttulia.