Be Content With Where You Are

As the smoke settles, I breath slowly, taking in the fresh breath of air that now engulfs me within it. The past few days have been filled with noise, rumble, darkness, and volatality. But they’ve also been filled with love, joy, happiness, light, and a strange sense of peace. Peace caused by having everything stripped away from me – except this breeze and the silence of this moment.

When you lose everything, you tend to notice the small things. Small things, like the way the sun sneaks through the trees, playing hide and seek with your pupils. Small things like tiny raindrops, that wash away the dirt on your fingers. If it were only that easy to wash away the dirt within our souls.

As all of this happens, I pull over my scooter to the side of the road, switch off the engine, and just stand and stare. I stare at the road, which like me is empty, except for those seldom occasions when someone decides to walk all over me. I close my eyes, try and let the breeze calm me down.

There aren’t many roads like this in Poona. Roads that let you get lost, when you are standing still. Roads that offer solitude and not commotion. Roads that make the destination seem irrelevant. Its roads like these that make you realize that it isn’t about where you are headed or where you were. The secret of life is in being content with where you are. "Be content with where you are." I keep repeating that thought in my head, hoping to take it home with me, like a half-eaten plate of risotto.

Be content with where you are.