Slow Down

Modern life, demands that we pace through our days and often it might seem like right from the moment we wake up, we are playing a game of chase, constantly trying to keep up with the day. We go through the day constantly under the pressure of some sort of rush, to be somewhere else, rather than be present in what we are doing. This can have a toxic impact on us, making us feel very disconnected with our life and can even mentally and physically exhaust us. On the flip-side, if you manage your time in a healthy manner, if there's a structure to your day, if you have the ability to immerse yourself into the tasks and activities that add value in your life and discard the one's that don't, you will feel more fulfilled, calm, and invariably get more done as well. 

Take up less, and immerse yourself in what’s left

The solution is two-fold – 1) Take up less, learn to say no. Identify tasks and activities that you do not enjoy, that aren’t adding any value to your life, or are simply not important and start saying no to these, so that you have more time for the ones that you do enjoy, the ones that are adding value to your life, and the ones that are important. 2) After you’ve done this, you will have a little more time to slow things down, to completely immerse yourself in whatever remains after you’ve said no to things. Rather than rushing through these activities, focus in, immerse yourself. Doing this will result in you actually enjoying and cherishing these tasks and activities (no matter how mundane) rather than them feeling like an annoyance that you need to get done with.

Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.
— William Shakespeare